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Make education be single select. Have location_type pull from yaml

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commit aadbe9c3f69de2a7681bc59cd51d3d88209ef06c 1 parent b2f2058
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla authored
4 app/models/project.rb
@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@ class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
accepts_nested_attributes_for :field_host
accepts_nested_attributes_for :organization
- %w(dining_location internet_distance location_type housing_type safety_level typical_attire).each do |f|
+ %w(dining_location internet_distance location_type housing_type safety_level typical_attire student_educational_requirement).each do |f|
enumerize f, in: I18n.t("enumerize.project.#{f}")
- %w(required_languages related_student_passions related_fields_of_study student_educational_requirement).each do |f|
+ %w(required_languages related_student_passions related_fields_of_study).each do |f|
enumerize f, in: I18n.t("enumerize.project." + f), multiple: true
define_method "#{f}_with_deserialize" do
2  app/views/projects_setup/location.html.haml
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
.location-col1= f.input :internet_distance, label: "How far away is the internet?"
%label Is your location urban, surburban or rural?
- = f.input :location_type, label: false, as: :button_group, collection: Project.location_type.values
+ = f.input :location_type, label: false, as: :button_group
-# = f.input :location_type, label: false, input_html: {style: "display:none;"}
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