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WIP: Project setup form #2

merged 32 commits into from Oct 2, 2013

3 participants


Here's the pull request for the project setup form.

The form is still very crude, and requires more work on the complex fields, validations, and styling. Note that most of the picklist combo fields are also undefined and in some cases appear as text inputs when they should be combo boxes. Once we determine how we are going to store picklists on the rails end I'll fix these fields.

The main purpose of this PR for now is so James can start styling the form.


Paul or James,

Would one of you be willing to let me know when/if code could be deployed to the Rackspace 'test' environment?

Let me know when you're comfortable and ready.


I'd like to get basic styling done this weekend. Ultimately depends on @lapluviosilla if he feels comfortable pushing what's in here (with styles) as a prototype version for early next week.

laspluviosillas and others added some commits Sep 9, 2013
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas merge with master f215a5a
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Add basic combobox style. 4f6779b
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Basic invalid input styles. 31d31f4
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Adding column layout for FPH Page 1 first field set. 283c375
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Wizard steps … to be implemented with wizardy. 87fd6e2
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Add router to javascript structure. dee18e9
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Add The Project basic styles. fa5107b
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas 3rd step of Project Approval form. dd47b25
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas 4th step of Project Approval form. 30b27d0
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Add tab box to organization page. 45d8f30
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Homepage 50% complete. 671edeb
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Add basic yaml backed fields to projects setup form. Fix hstore acces…
…sor for nil and blank cases and new projects.
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Add all english picklist values we have to yaml files e1c5d30
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Activate project javascript on update action. c580a58
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Fixed multiselect bug. Also, autodeserialize arrays 0db6599
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Use simple form for button group input. 16045c8
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Organization Selection/Creation Form 53908c6
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Add field host checkbox fields to about_you step b2f2058
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Make education be single select. Have location_type pull from yaml aadbe9c
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Add checkbox styling to About Us step. a37fd77
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Add array support to button group collection. fb85aea
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla More field updates 2b37570
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Add basic media form to project setup, including drag & drop support b03d1f6
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Add fade out to progress bar 7b60bc4
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Change boolean fields to have own columns 86ba1bf
@lapluviosilla lapluviosilla Add validations to project setup form 04ee67d
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Minor fixes to project styling. Select2 Multiselect, #existing-organi…
…zation columns, placeholder image
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Use new button_group simple form custom input for all button groups i…
…n project form.
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas Add padding override for agreement form. 8dd0809
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas merged commit 7f38ade into master Oct 2, 2013
@laspluviosillas laspluviosillas deleted the project_setup_form branch Oct 2, 2013
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