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A simple iOS wrapper for [Disqus API v3.0] (

Ever wanted to view your Disqus' comments from your site to your iOS app? Prefer a native way than javascript-embedding? Drag it to your project and implement it without a hassle!

With IADisquser, your iOS app can view and post comments with a couple of single method. Block-based callbacks make implementing disqus in your app fast & easy.

If you want to check IADisquser in action, please use the sample project, then you can see & post your comments from the app, or on my [blogpost] (


View Comments

// Method for getting comments from a Disqus Thread
// Identifier & thread ID :
[IADisquser getCommentsFromThreadIdentifier:@"Identifier" 
                                    success:^(NSArray *comments) {
                                        for (IADisqusComment *aComment in comments)
                                            NSLog(@"Raw comments from %@ : %@", aComment.authorName, aComment.rawMessage);
                                     } fail:nil];

Posting a Comment

// Method for getting comments from a Disqus Thread
// Identifier & thread ID :
IADisqusComment *aComment = [[[IADisqusComment alloc] init] autorelease];
aComment.authorName = @"Ikhsan Assaat";
aComment.authorEmail = @"";
aComment.rawMessage = @"Nice to meet you!";
aComment.threadID = [NSNumber numberWithInteger:2000];
[IADisquser postComment:aComment success:^{NSLog(@"Comment posted.")} fail:nil];



IADisquser is available under the MIT License.


IADisquser was created by Ikhsan Assaat in the development of Beetlebox's Sajian Sedap iPad app.