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A library for object-oriented access to IMAP mailboxes from within Ruby applications.

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Ingmar Poerner - maintainer


ActiveMailbox aims to provide easy, object-oriented access to IMAP mailboxes from within Ruby applications.

It's a project I've started a couple of years ago, and unfortunately I've abandoned it since then. Currently it works only with Ruby 1.8.7 and depends on gem versions from back then.

However, I'm about to bring it back to present tense and have planned a number of improvements to make this lib useful for others, too.

Getting Started

Quick example of usage, i.e.

require 'active_mailbox'

class MyClass < ActiveMailbox::Base
  folder_class :default
  message_class :default
  authenticate_through MyAuthenticatorClass




folder = MyClass::ImapMessage.find(connection_id, folder_id)
message = MyClass::ImapMessage.find(connection_id, folder.path, message_id)




I'd be happy if you want to contribute! Just contact me via Github or directly at ipoerner_at_gmail_dot_com


The place you probably want to look first is the ActiveMailbox::Base class.


Make sure you have Ruby 1.8.7 on the latest patchlevel installed. Also, OpenSSL version 0.9.8k or higher is mandatory.

As far as other dependencies are concerned, here's a list of gems to install:

  • gem install rake -v 0.8.7

  • gem install activesupport -v 2.0.0

  • gem install rmail -v 1.0.0

  • gem install tmail -v

I'm working on catching up with newer versions of all gems, so that list represents a rather ephemeral state of things.


ActiveMailbox is released under the MIT license.

:include: LICENSE

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