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Game made with rubygame. Compoentry and winner of Rubyweekend #2.
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Opposite Islands
Start game by running "opposite_islands.rb"
Requires Ruby and Rubygame 2.3+.

Author: ippa
Date: 28 Juli 2008

A small game for rubyweekend #2. I was on vacation so I put maybe 8 hours into this.
I made this all by myself. Graphics with inkscape, sounds from, edited with audacity.

Kill the enemies opposite of you.
A red circle marks the selected unit. 

Units and bullets will wrap around when hitting the screenborder (use this to your advantage)

You can only kill units in the air.
A bullet costs you 1 point, so dont put all your units on autofire just for the sake of it
Only your bullet kills enemies -- only enemybullet kills your units.
Your different units have different speeds, firepower, firespeed and health, find out what to use against what.

TAB: Select the next unit
Shift+TAB: Select the previous unit
SPACE: Start the unit (if on the ground) or toggle autofire (if in the air)
LEFT KEY: Turn left
RIGHT KEY: Turn right

Kill the enemies, get alot of points (which you can compare with others)

2-player mode could be fun :) should be very easy to implement.
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