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The ultimate mac total transformation pack for Ubuntu GNOME.
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What is this?

  • A bundle of themes for Ubuntu GNOME carefully polished and edited to provide the best homage to steveOS
  • The packs individually already provide 98% of the intended look, but we all know steveOS is all about that extra 2%
  • That's when my OCD comes in: Here I provided everything needed for the look, the polish in interface, icons and the addition of the dynamic Mojave wallpaper, all ready to go
  • As an extra a Firefox light on dark skin is included
  • Several GNOME shell extensions are also highly recommended to tie the room together, man



  • Download this repo and extract to your home directory
  • Install fonts from the "steveOS (Fonts)" folder in your home directory
  • Edit the XML in "steveOS (Backgrounds)" to point to the full path of your preferred BG folder
  • Copy contents of "steveOS (Login)" to "/usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/"

Applying Themes

  • Open GNOME Tweaks
  • Select "steveOS" light or dark as your GTK, Icon and Shell theme
  • Select "steveO'Point" as your cursor theme
  • Select "steveOS (Dynamic).xml" placed at your BG folder as the wallpaper

Recommended Font Setup

  • Title: SF Pro Display Semibold 10px
  • Interface: SF Pro Display Regular 10px
  • Documents: SF Pro Text Regular 10px
  • Mono: SF Mono Regular 10px
  • Hinting: None

Recommended GNOME Shell Extensions

Firefox User Chrome

  • Bundled with the theme package is a light on dark skin for Firefox. Install it by copying the contents of "steveOS (Firefox)" to your user chrome folder
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