Text-based tool for tracking story completion per-user on Pivotal Tracker
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Pivotal Attribution

This is a simple reporting tool for Pivotal Tracker projects. You need to download the CSV export from Pivotal Tracker and feed it into this script. You can get the CSV from your project by going to the "Actions" menu and select "Export CSV". Make sure all the checkboxes are checked and click "Export". You then feed this csv into the script as its first argument, a la:

./pivotal_attribution.rb <Your CSV File Here> <Optional Report Start Date>

for example:

./pivotal_attribution.rb my_awesome_project_20100803_1919.csv "Two Weeks Ago"

Gems Required:

FasterCSV, Chronic, and ActiveSupport

Report Start Dates:

Can be anything Chronic accepts, like "Today", "Yesterday", "Two Months Ago", or "January 4th"

HTML Output

If you run it with --outputter html, you will now get html-formatted output, a la This sample

./pivotal_attribution.rb <Your CSV File Here> <Optional Report Start Date> --outputter html


(Names changed to protect the innocent ;)

HTML Output Sample