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A custom component to display stock information from Yahoo finance.

Currency details can be presented in an different currency than what is reported (target_currency). Data is downloaded at regular intervals (scan_interval) but a retry is attempted after 20 seconds in case of failure.


This can be installed through HACS or by copying all the files from custom_components/yahoofinance/ to <config directory>/custom_components/yahoofinance/.


Define the symbols to be tracked and optional parameters in configuration.yaml.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    - ISTNX

The above configuration will generate an entity with the id sensor.yahoofinance_istnx and current value as the state along with these attributes:

attribution: Data provided by Yahoo Finance
currencySymbol: $
symbol: ISTNX
quoteSourceName: Delayed Quote
marketState: CLOSED
averageDailyVolume10Day: 0
averageDailyVolume3Month: 0
regularMarketChange: 0.26
regularMarketChangePercent: 0.23
regularMarketDayHigh: 0
regularMarketDayLow: 0
regularMarketPreviousClose: 12.63
regularMarketPrice: 12.89
regularMarketVolume: 0
regularMarketTime: 1618617625
dividendDate: 2021-11-11
fiftyDayAverage: 107.54
fiftyDayAverageChange: 5.35
fiftyDayAverageChangePercent: 0.05
preMarketChange: 0
preMarketChangePercent: 0
preMarketTime: 0
preMarketPrice: 0
postMarketChange: 0
postMarketChangePercent: 0
postMarketPrice: 0
postMarketTime: 0
twoHundredDayAverage: 14.69
twoHundredDayAverageChange: 8.2
twoHundredDayAverageChangePercent: 0.08
fiftyTwoWeekLow: 125
fiftyTwoWeekLowChange: 20.37
fiftyTwoWeekLowChangePercent: 16.29
fiftyTwoWeekHigh: 153.1
fiftyTwoWeekHighChange: -7.74
fiftyTwoWeekHighChangePercent: -5.05
trending: up
unit_of_measurement: USD
friendly_name: Ivy Science & Technology Fund C
icon: mdi:trending-up

The dividendDate is in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD) and can be null.

Optional Configuration


  • Data fetch interval can be adjusted by specifying the scan_interval setting whose default value is 6 hours and the minimum value is 30 seconds.

      hours: 4

    You can disable automatic update by passing manual for scan_interval.

  • Trending icons (trending-up, trending-down or trending-neutral) can be displayed instead of currency based icon by specifying show_trending_icon.

    show_trending_icon: true
  • All numeric values are by default rounded to 2 places of decimal. This can be adjusted by the decimal_places setting. A value of 0 will return in integer values and -1 will suppress rounding.

    decimal_places: 3
  • The fifty_day, post, pre and two_hundred attributes can be suppressed as following. They are included by default.

    include_fifty_day_values: false
    include_fifty_two_week_values: false
    include_post_values: false
    include_pre_values: false
    include_two_hundred_day_values: false


  • An alternate target currency can be specified for a symbol using the extended declaration format. Here, the symbol EMIM.L is reported in USD but will be presented in EUR. The conversion would be based on the value of the symbol USDEUR=X.

      - symbol: EMIM.L
        target_currency: EUR

    If data for the target currency is not found, then the display will remain in original currency. The conversion is only applied on the attributes representing prices.

  • The data fetch interval can be fine tuned at symbol level. By default, the scan_interval from the integration is used. The minimum value is still 30 seconds. Symbols with the same scan_interval are grouped together and loaded through one data coordinator.

    If conversion data needs to be loaded, then that too will get added to the same coordinator. However, if conversion symbol is found in another coordinator, then that will get used.

      hours: 4
      minutes: 5
    scan_interval: 300
  • The unit_of_measurement can be suppressed by setting no_unit: true. This could be used for index symbols if no currency unit is desired to be displayed.

    • Note: Using this setting will generate a warning like The unit of sensor.yahoofinance_gspc cannot be converted to the unit of previously compiled statistics (USD). Generation of long term statistics will be suppressed unless the unit changes back to USD or a compatible unit. You will have to manually resolve it as mentioned in the message otherwise new data might not show in cards.


  • The symbol can also represent a financial index such as this.

      - ^SSMI
  • Yahoo also provides currency conversion as a symbol.

      - GBPUSD=X
  • A complete sample

  include_post_values: false
  include_pre_values: false
  show_trending_icon: true
  decimal_places: 2
    hours: 4
    - USDINR=X
    - UNP
  • The trending icons themselves cannot be colored but colors can be added using lovelace-card-mod. Here auto-entities is being used to simplify the code.

    - type: custom:auto-entities
        type: entities
        title: Financial
          - group: group.stocks
              entity: this.entity_id
              style: |
                :host {
                  --paper-item-icon-color: {% set value=state_attr(config.entity,"trending") %}
                                          {% if value=="up" -%} green
                                          {% elif value=="down" -%} red
                                          {% else %} var(--paper-item-icon-color))
                                          {% endif %};


The component exposes the service yahoofinance.refresh_symbols which can be used to refresh all the data.

Breaking Changes

  • As of version 1.2.5, scan_interval can be manual to suppress automatic update.

  • As of version 1.1.0, the entity id has changed from yahoofinance.symbol to sensor.yahoofinance_symbol.

  • As of version 1.0.0, all the configuration is now under yahoofinance. If you are upgrading from an older version, then you would need to adjust the configuration.

  • As of version 1.0.1, the minimum scan_interval is 30 seconds.