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jPrime Reactive Java Robotics and IoT Demo

IPT + RoboLearn reactive java robotics demo for jPrime'2016 Sofia (May 2016) and jProfessionals'2016 (December 2016).

Demo presents ent-to-end reactive hot event stream processing of IPTPI robot sensor events using Spring Reactor library from server side and WebSocket with Angular 2 (TypeScript) and RxJS (RxJS 5/Next) from client side. No web server needed - all resources as well as live WebSocket events are served by custom reactive HTTP endpoint using Reactor Net library based on Netty.

More information about the Robots and Reactive Programming with Java, JS/TypeScript, Angular 2, React, Redux, Spring Reactor is available at RoboLearn (http://robolearn.org/) and IPT (http://iproduct.org/) webites.

The latest presentation about this demo project is available in SlideShare (http://www.slideshare.net/Trayan_Iliev/java-javascipt-reactive-robotics-and-iot-2016-jprofessionals).

Server side is implemented using Reactor (http://projectreactor.io/) project. Main main class is org.iproduct.iptpi.demo.IPTPIDemo in src/main/java folder. The network communication is implemented in class org.iproduct.iptpi.demo.net.PositionsWsService. It serves all resources required by the client using Reactor Net (Netty), and could be started as console application - no webserver required. WebSocket bi-directional communication is implemented in a reactive (and compact) way in getWebSocketHandler() method.

There are two types of clients - embedded client using Java Swing (whole screen mode on robot's 3.5" touchscreen TFT) and mobile web client using Angular 2 (TypeScript) and RxJS.

The emebedded Swing client is in class RobotView (https://github.com/iproduct/jprime-demo/blob/master/iptpi-demo/src/main/java/org/iproduct/iptpi/demo/view/RobotView.java)

The web client (ng2 + RxJS) is in src/main/webapp folder (https://github.com/iproduct/jprime-demo/tree/master/iptpi-demo/src/main/webapp)

The main Angular 2 application component class AppComponent is in src/main/webapp/app folder, together with custom reactive WebSocket implementation - IptpiWebsocketSubject (https://github.com/iproduct/jprime-demo/blob/master/iptpi-demo/src/main/webapp/src/app/services/iptpi-websocket-subject.ts), exposed as Angular 2 service (IptpiWebsocketService). IptpiWebsocketSubject is exposing WebSocket as RxJS bidirectional subject (by idea from RxDOM), plus reactive WebSocket open and close observers.