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Ansible VM and vSRX with VIRL

Use this Vagrantfile when you want to test a combination of Cisco devices (running in VIRL) and vSRX (running in Vagrant VM with VMware desktop virtualization provider).

The file creates:

  • nms virtual machine running Ubuntu 14.04.
  • srx virtual machine running vSRX box for VMware Vagrant providers.

Use the script to install Ansible and NAPALM on nms. More details in this document.


  • You MUST use VMware desktop virtualization product (Workstation or Fusion) - other hypervisors are not supported by VIRL.
  • Use --provider argument when starting the Vagrant virtual machines for the first time; Vagrant might use the VirtualBox provider otherwise
  • The Ansible and vSRX virtual machines are connected to vmnet2 network (the VIRL management network) and use IP address and
  • You might want to the included VIRL topology (with one Cisco IOS router and one Nexus-OS switch) as a starting point.

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