Generate network topology graph from LLDP neighbors

The LLDP-to-Graph Ansible playbook uses LLDP neighbor data collected with napalm_get_facts Ansible module to generate network diagram in Graphviz .dot file format.

Installation guide

The playbooks were tested with these versions of Ansible and NAPALM:

  • Ansible 2.4
  • napalm 1.2.0 (or greater)
  • napalm-ansible 0.7.0 (or greater)


  • The playbooks have been updated to work with Ansible 2.4 and will not work with previous versions of Ansible
  • Run napalm-ansible to find path to your distribution of NAPALM and update ansible.cfg accordingly

Updates from the Ansible for Networking Engineers case study (details here):

  • The playbooks and Jinja2 templates have been updated to support platforms (like Cisco IOS) that send shortened interface names in LLDP updates
  • The playbooks work with a mix of hostnames and FQDNs (for example, E1 versus
  • Use -e no_domain=1 option on ansible-playbook command line to use short hostnames in printouts and graphs

Use git checkout LLDP-to-Graph-v1.0 to get the source files matching the original case study.


  • Create your inventory file. The current hosts file uses vEOS leaf-and-spine topology. Set IP addresses, usernames, passwords and ports in the inventory file.
  • Install NAPALM Ansible modules with git clone (assuming you already installed NAPALM)
  • Install graphviz
  • Generate the network topology file with
ansible-playbook LLDP-to-Graph.yml
  • Generate the network diagram (in PNG format) with
dot -Tpng >network.png
  • Enjoy, modify and submit a pull request when you add something awesome

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