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Deploy OSPF in a network fabric

This directory contains a set of playbooks that deploy OSPF in a network fabric defined in the fabric.yml data model:

  • validate-fabric.yml starts LLDP on all network devices and validates interface status and fabric connectivity using LLDP
  • deploy.yml configures OSPF and validates OSPF adjacencies

You'll find detailed description of these playbooks in the Ansible for Networking Engineers online course.

Note: to get the sources used in the online course do git checkout OSPF-Deployment-v1.0

Installation guide

The playbooks were tested with these versions of Ansible and NAPALM:

  • Ansible 2.4
  • napalm 1.2.0 (or greater)
  • napalm-ansible 0.7.0 (or greater)


  • The playbooks have been updated to work with Ansible 2.4 and will not work with previous versions of Ansible
  • Run napalm-ansible to find path to your distribution of NAPALM and update ansible.cfg accordingly

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