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Ipsut is a simple webapp for setting up/tracking user check-ins using QR codes. It is written in Python using the Flask framework.

Written by Jason Rigden and Daniel Kraft for the 2017 AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: Seattle

It is live and available at http://ipsut.frigginglorio.us


Ipsut allows you to create "Events" that have a series of check-in "Sheets". A check-in sheet consists of a QR Code, basic info (a title and description), and an optional map via the HERE API with coordinates in lattitude/longitude.

The application currently allows admin users to create the events and sheets, shows them a printout of the QR code associated with it. The admin is then able to go to their specified location and display the code. Any logged-in user who scans the QR code with their phone is then given a "Point" in the event, and is added to the Event and global leaderboards.

Common use cases include tracking users for prize drawings in a pubcrawl or treasure hunt.


git clone https://github.com/ipsut/ipsut
cd ipsut
pip install -r requirements.txt
python webapp.py


  1. Setup OAuth (currently login system is a sham. to log in as admin to view created QR codes for printing, simply navigate to /signin with username admin, and any password)
  2. Flesh out event management. Create "events" table/model with user access controls.
  3. Fix UI/make less confusing. Fix mobile page navigation.


Ipsut is a Pacific Northwest Native American word meaning "hidden place". It is pronounced "Ipsoot".