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bquinn dev schema unit tests (#42)
* Adding unit test code and tests for the ninjs dev schema,
currently handling publisher advice for "lifetime" and "importance".
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ninjs documents can be validated using JSON Schema.

The IPTC maintains a schema for each release of the ninjs standard. IPTC ninjs schemas can be found here.

The most recent ninjs specification file is available at

Test Suite

The validation/test_suite folder contains basic test documents that exercise the capabilities of ninjs, and ensure that the schema correctly validates the properties defined in ninjs.

Running the test suite

  • Install Python 3

  • From a command line, run

    $ pip3 install jsonschema $ validation/python/

This will run each of the files in the test suite against the ninjs-1.0 and ninjs-1.1 schemas.


Source code is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license - see the full license agreement at

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