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IETF 111 IPWAVE WG Hackathon

The source code here is based on the implementation of a open source code:

A demo in YouTube is here:


  • This source code can be run locally by swtiching the interface name and local IPv6 address to "lo" and "::1", respectively.
  • This source code can also be run on top of two laptops with AR94xx WiFi module using ath9k driver


$ gcc rawsocket_na.c -o rawsocket_na
$ gcc rawsocket_na_rcv.c -o rawsocket_na_rcv

Running Step

  • Make sure that the interface name and IPv6 address are properly set in the source code. Here we set the interface to "lo" and target ipv6 address to "::1".
// sender side
// Interface to send packet through.
strcpy(interface, "lo");
// Destination IPv6 address either:
// 1) unicast address of node which sent solicitation, or if the
// solicitation came from the unspecified address (::), use the
// 2) IPv6 "all nodes" link-local multicast address (ff02::1).
// You need to fill this out.
strcpy (target, "::1");
// receiver side
// Interface to receive packet on.
strcpy (interface, "lo");
  • Open one terminal, using sudo to run rawsocket_na_rcv.
$ sudo ./rawsocket_na_rcv
  • Open another terminal, using sudo to run rawsocket_na.
$ sudo ./rawsocket_na

Main Code Explained

  • VMI Option
  // Put a dummy GPS data into options buffer.
  options[0] = 2;           // Option Type - "target link layer address" (Section 4.6 of RFC 4861), need to be redefined
  options[1] = optlen / 8;  // Option Length - units of 8 octets (RFC 4861), need to be redefined

  // Westin Josun Busan: longitude 35.155988, latitude 129.154134
  char longitude[14] = "35.1559880000";
  char latitude[14] =  "129.154134000";
  char delimiter[2]=",";

  for (i = 0; i < sizeof(longitude); i++){
    options[i + 2] = (uint8_t)longitude[i];
  options[2 + sizeof(longitude)] = (uint8_t)delimiter[0];

  for (i = 0; i < sizeof(latitude); i++){
    options[i + 2 + sizeof(longitude) + 1] = (uint8_t)latitude[i];

  // Report advertising node's mobility to stdout.
  printf("Advertising car's VMI for interface %s is ", interface);
  for (i = 0; i < 30; i++){
    printf("%c", options[i + 2]);


IETF 111 IPWAVE WG Hackathon






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