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Jupyter notebook extensions

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This repository contains a collection of extensions that add functionality to the Jupyter notebook. These extensions are mostly written in Javascript and will be loaded locally in your browser.

The IPython-contrib repository is maintained independently by a group of users and developers and not officially related to the IPython development team.

The maturity of the provided extensions varies, so please create an issue at the project's github repository if you encounter any problems.

IPython/Jupyter version support

Version Description
IPython 2.x checkout 2.x branch
IPython 3.x checkout 3.x branch
Jupyter 4.x checkout master branch

There are different branches of the notebook extensions in this repository. Please make sure you use the branch corresponding to your IPython/Jupyter version.


Documentation for all maintained extensions can be found at jupyter-contrib-nbextensions.readthedocs.io

In the 4.x Jupyter repository, all extensions that are maintained and active have at least a yaml file to allow them being configured using the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator server extension, which is installed as a dependency of this package. Most also have a markdown readme file for documentation. The jupyter_nbextensions_configurator server extension shows an nbextensions tab on the main notebook dashboard (file tree page) from which you can see each nbextension's markdown readme, and configure its options. To view documentation without installing, you can browse the nbextensions directory to read markdown readmes on github at github.com/ipython-contrib/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions/tree/master/src/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions/nbextensions.

For older releases (2.x and 3.x), look at the Wiki

Some extensions are not documented. We encourage you to add documentation for them.


To install the jupyter_contrib_nbextensions notebook extensions, three steps are required. First, the Python pip package needs to be installed. Then, the notebook extensions themselves need to be copied to the Jupyter data directory. Finally, the installed notebook extensions can be enabled, either by using built-in Jupyter commands, or more conveniently by using the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator server extension, which is installed as a dependency of this repo.

The Python package installation step is necessary to allow painless installation of the nbextensions together with additional items like nbconvert templates, pre-/postprocessors, and exporters.

1. Install the python package


All of the nbextensions in this repo are provided as parts of a python package, which is installable in the usual manner, using pip or the setup.py script. To install the current version from PyPi, simply type

pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

Alternatively, you can install directly from the current master branch of the repository

pip install https://github.com/ipython-contrib/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions/tarball/master

All the usual pip options apply, e.g. using pip's --upgrade flag to force an upgrade, or -e for an editable install.


There are conda packages for the notebook extensions and the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator available from conda-forge. You can install both using

conda install -c conda-forge jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

This also automatically installs the Javascript and CSS files (using jupyter contrib nbextension install --sys-prefix), so the second installation step below can therefore be skipped.

Installation from cloned Repo

You can also install from a cloned repo, which can be useful for development. You can clone the repo using

git clone https://github.com/ipython-contrib/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions.git

Then perform an editable pip install using

pip install -e jupyter_contrib_nbextensions

2. Install javascript and css files

This step copies the nbextensions' javascript and css files into the jupyter server's search directory, and edits some jupyter config files. A jupyter subcommand is provided for the purpose:

jupyter contrib nbextension install --user

The command does two things: installs nbextension files, and edits nbconvert config files. The first part is essentially a wrapper around the notebook-provided jupyter nbextension install, and copies relevant javascript and css files to the appropriate jupyter data directory. The second part edits the config files jupyter_nbconvert_config.jsonand jupyter_notebook_config.json as noted below in the options. The command can take most of the same options as the jupyter-provided versions, including

  • --user to install into the user's home jupyter directories
  • --system to perform installation into system-wide jupyter directories
  • --sys-prefix to install into python's sys.prefix, useful for instance in virtual environments, such as with conda
  • --symlink to symlink the nbextensions rather than copying each file (recommended, on non-Windows platforms).
  • --debug, for more-verbose output

In addition, two further option flags are provided to perform either only the config-editing operations, or only the file-copy operations:

  • --only-files to install nbextension files without editing any config files
  • --only-config to edit the config files without copying/symlinking any nbextension files. This edits the following files in the applicable jupyter config directory:
    • jupyter_nbconvert_config.json to use some of the classes provided in the python module jupyter_contrib_nbextensions.nbconvert_support
    • jupyter_notebook_config.json to enable the serverextension jupyter_nbextensions_configurator.

An analogous uninstall command is also provided, to remove all of the nbextension files from the jupyter directories.

3. Enabling/Disabling extensions

To use an nbextension, you'll also need to enable it, which tells the notebook interface to load it. To do this, you can use a Jupyter subcommand:

jupyter nbextension enable <nbextension require path>

for example,

jupyter nbextension enable codefolding/main

To disable the extension again, use

jupyter nbextension disable <nbextension require path>

Alternatively, and more conveniently, you can use the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator server extension, which is installed as a dependency of this repo, and can be used to enable and disable the individual nbextensions, as well as configure their options. You can then open the nbextensions tab on the tree (dashboard/file browser) notebook page to configure nbextensions. You will have access there to a dashboard where extensions can be enabled/disabled via checkboxes. Additionally a short documentation for each extension is displayed, and configuration options are presented.


4. Migrating from older versions of this repo

The jupyter contrib nbextensions command also offers a migrate subcommand, which will

  • uninstall the old repository version's files, config and python package
  • adapt all require paths which have changed. E.g. if you had the collapsible headings nbextension enabled with its old require path of usability/collapsible_headings/main, the migrate command will alter this to match the new require path of collapsible_headings/main.

For complex or customized installation scenarios, please look at the documentation for installing notebook extensions, server extensions, nbconvert pre/postprocessors and templates on the Jupyter homepage. More information can also be found in the Wiki.

See also installing Jupyter

Notebook extension structure

The nbextensions are stored each as a separate subdirectory of src/jupyter_contrib_nbextensions/nbextensions Each notebook extension typically has it's own directory containing:

  • thisextension/main.js - javascript implementing the extension
  • thisextension/main.css - optional CSS
  • thisextension/readme.md - readme file describing the extension in markdown format
  • thisextension/config.yaml - file describing the extension to the jupyter_nbextensions_configurator server extension



Fix requirements, which got altered incorrectly as part of the 0.2.5 release.


New nbextensions, new features and bugfixes:

  • #846 @jfbercher [toc2] - always read threshold parameter from system config - address #646
  • #860 @jfbercher [move_selected_cells] updated to Jupyter 4.2+
  • #863 @bluss [hide_header] New nbextension to toggle (header + toolbar + menubar) visibility
  • #864 @simplygood [autoscroll] fixed a typo in AutoScroll's main.js
  • #872 @jfbercher [toc2] update template and resize sidebar on resize-header event
  • #887 @jfbercher [toc2] Add a parameter to enable/disable cell widening
  • #899 @jfbercher [highlighter] Minor typo update + cleaning
  • #892 @jcb91 [collapsible_headings] new features including support for embedding into html
  • #902 @jozjan [nbconvert_support.embed_html] Updated regex pattern for better match
  • #905 @jcb91 [codemirror_mode_extensions] New nbextension
  • #907 @jcb91 [ExecuteTime] new features including configurable utc assumption, relative time display, message templates, right-alignment.
  • #908 @juhasch [codefolding] Fixes for languages other than IPython that use non-indent-based blocks.
  • #911 @piti118 [toc2] Use https instead of http for jquery in nbconvert template
  • #912 @jcb91 [init_cell] allow celltoolbar preset to load from metadata setting
  • #915 @juhasch [dragdrop] Bugfix for Firefox
  • #917 @moble [snippets_menu] Fix documentation links
  • #919 @jcb91 [scratchpad] adopt minrk/scratchpad#12 to bugfix z-index for issue #916
  • #921 @sdsawtelle [chrome-clipboard] use utils function to add authentication to upload, fixing #918
  • Various fixes to ensure nbextensions load correctly, related to #885: PRs #895, #897, #898, #900, #906
  • #923 @jcb91 update dependency versions, meaning potential updates to jupyter_nbextensions_configurator, jupyter_latex_envs, and jupyter_highlight_selected_word
  • stale nbextensions removed: history #889 read-only #890 search, slidemode/slidemode2, swc #891 no_exec_dunder, nbviewer_theme #906

Alterations to the installation machinery:

  • #874 add traitlets 4.1 to requirements, needed by nbTranslate
  • #923 @jcb91 update required versions of jupyter_nbextensions_configurator, jupyter_latex_envs, and jupyter_highlight_selected_word to latest releases

Updates to readme/docs:

CI updates: #862, #894, #920


New nbextensions, new features and bugfixes:

  • #839 @jcb91 [snippets_menu] merge upstream changes
  • #844 @jfbercher [nbTranslate] add help message for keyboard shortcuts
  • #843 @jfbercher [code_prettify] bugfix: reinstate JSON-conversion of results from the R kernel
  • #837 @jcb91 [code_prettify] Merge upstream code-prettify updates
  • #838 @jfbercher [nbTranslate] New nbextension
  • #827 @moble [snippets_menu] New nbextension
  • #836 @juhasch Remove strip_output_prompt from nbconvert_support
  • #831 @juhasch [dragdrop] use utils function to add authentication to upload, fixing #830
  • #834 @lspvic [init_cell] fix bug with trust warning
  • #826 @adrn [code_snippets] New nbextension
  • #820 @jcb91 [hinterland] disable hints in comments (configurable), fixing #819
  • #815 @jcb91 [hinterland] make all regexes configurable, addressing #651

Updates to readme/docs:

  • #845 @aiguofer [select_keymap] Add note about helpful firefox extension
  • #850 @juhasch Describe nbextensions custom template
  • #833 @jcb91 [docs] updates to readme and docs, addressing #740
  • #825 @jcb91 [docs] readme updates to specllchecker, codefolding, gist_it, readonly
  • #816 @jcb91 [docs] update docs build to include nbextensions provided by dependencies

Some CI updates: #824


Alterations to the installation machinery:

New nbextensions, new features and bugfixes:

  • #796 @oxinabox [AddBefore] Add new nbextension
  • #746, #802 @jfbercher, @jcb91 [latex_envs] replace vendored latex_envs with its pypi package
  • #794 @juhasch [codefolding] Only execute codefolding preprocessor when requested
  • #804 @jcb91 [jupyter_highlight_selected_word] add jupyter_highlight_selected_word nbextension
  • #795 @jfbercher [toc2] Highlight toc headings for sections with selected/edited/running cells; fix save issue #762
  • #803 @jfbercher [toc2] make higlight colours configurable; configurably allow shifting title, menus & icons to the left, ratehr than centring
  • #810 @jfbercher [toc2] take account of nb metadata in html export
  • #813 @jcb91 [limit_output] allow per-cell override of limit length, make output-limited notes persist through notebook save & reload, limit outputs even over several distinct output events
  • #814 @jcb91 [init_cell] make automatic running of initialization cells configurable (fixes #812), prevent automatic run of initialization cells in untrusted notebooks

Some CI updates: #797 #806


Alterations to the installation machinery:

  • #774 @jcb91 Add flags to install only files/only config modifications.
  • #769 @jcb91 Use jupyter_nbextensions_configurator's actual install app

Stale nbextensions removed:

New nbextensions, new features and bugfixes:

  • #882 @juhasch [limit_output] enable independent limiting of different kernel message types
  • #877 @jfbercher [toc2] Remove MathJax preview in headers and links
  • Fixes for timings issues related to the notebook_loaded.Notebook event, as raised in issue #885. Fixes for hide_input, hide_input_all, ruler, splitcell in #886 @jcb91, for codefolding in #888 @juhasch for freeze in #884 @kukanya for execute_time in #883 @jcb91
  • #787 @jcb91 [scratchpad] Updates from master repo
  • #784 @azjps [limit_output] fix missing braces
  • #768 @lll9p [collapsible_headings] Make level test code robust to undefined cell
  • #770 @jfbercher [code_prettify] Update to address #767
  • #765 @kukanya [Freeze] Extend functionality to markdown cells
  • #781 @kukanya [ScrollDown] Add new nbextension

Updates to readme/docs:

Some CI updates: #778, #779, #772, #771, #766


New nbextensions, new features and bugfixes:

  • New html_embed nbconvert exporter
  • Added select_keymap nbextension
  • added tests for toc2 and html_embed exporters
  • tooltips on highlighter
  • toc2 issue with zero-length navigation menu
  • switch table_beautifier from bootstrap-table to tablesorter plugin
  • code_prettify: corrected insufficient re replacement
  • dragdrop fix url generation when using non-default base_url

Updates to readme/docs:

  • get docs readable at jupyter-contrib-nbextensions.readthedocs.io
  • add an auto-enabled nbextension contrib_nbextensions_help_item, which adds a help menu item to point at RTD
  • Add missing readmes & yaml links to readmes


Alterations to the installation machinery:

  • alter app default settings, making --user flag in install app default to False
  • add plural nbextensions command alias i.e. jupyter contrib nbextensions as an alias of jupyter contrib nbextension
  • conda-forge recipe & installation instructions added

New nbextensions, new features and bugfixes:

  • new code_prettify extension
  • [latex_envs]: update for MathJax use and html export; add latex_envs.py - exporter library; add templates for conversion; configure entry points for exporters in setup.py; update readme.
  • [toc2] modifications to templates, configure entry points for exporters in setup.py, update README
  • [breakpoints] removed stale extension
  • Bugfixes: limit_output, postprocessors, nbconvert support

Updates to readme/docs:

  • Add docs generation
  • Add lots of missing readme & yaml files
  • Attempt to get docs builds working on readthedocs

Plus various CI & packaging fixes/improvements, including


First release with pep-440 compatible versioning