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Interactive Parallel Computing in Python
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Interactive Parallel Computing with IPython

ipyparallel is the new home of IPython.parallel. ipyparallel is a Python package and collection of CLI scripts for controlling clusters for Jupyter.

ipyparallel contains the following CLI scripts:

  • ipcluster - start/stop a cluster
  • ipcontroller - start a scheduler
  • ipengine - start an engine


Install ipyparallel:

pip install ipyparallel

To enable the IPython Clusters tab in Jupyter Notebook:

ipcluster nbextension enable

To disable it again:

ipcluster nbextension disable

See the documentation on configuring the notebook server to find your config or setup your initial

JupyterHub Install

To install for all users on JupyterHub, as root:

jupyter nbextension install --sys-prefix --py ipyparallel
jupyter nbextension enable --sys-prefix --py ipyparallel
jupyter serverextension enable --sys-prefix --py ipyparallel


Start a cluster:

ipcluster start

Use it from Python:

import os
import ipyparallel as ipp

rc = ipp.Client()
ar = rc[:].apply_async(os.getpid)
pid_map = ar.get_dict()

See the docs for more info.

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