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import __builtin__
from base64 import encodestring
from IPython.core.displayhook import DisplayHook
from IPython.utils.traitlets import Instance, Dict
from session import extract_header, Session
class ZMQDisplayHook(object):
"""A simple displayhook that publishes the object's repr over a ZeroMQ
def __init__(self, session, pub_socket):
self.session = session
self.pub_socket = pub_socket
self.parent_header = {}
def __call__(self, obj):
if obj is None:
__builtin__._ = obj
msg = self.session.send(self.pub_socket, u'pyout', {u'data':repr(obj)},
parent=self.parent_header, ident=self.topic)
def set_parent(self, parent):
self.parent_header = extract_header(parent)
def _encode_binary(format_dict):
pngdata = format_dict.get('image/png')
if pngdata is not None:
format_dict['image/png'] = encodestring(pngdata)
jpegdata = format_dict.get('image/jpeg')
if jpegdata is not None:
format_dict['image/jpeg'] = encodestring(jpegdata)
class ZMQShellDisplayHook(DisplayHook):
"""A displayhook subclass that publishes data using ZeroMQ. This is intended
to work with an InteractiveShell instance. It sends a dict of different
representations of the object."""
session = Instance(Session)
pub_socket = Instance('zmq.Socket')
parent_header = Dict({})
def set_parent(self, parent):
"""Set the parent for outbound messages."""
self.parent_header = extract_header(parent)
def start_displayhook(self):
self.msg = self.session.msg(u'pyout', {}, parent=self.parent_header)
def write_output_prompt(self):
"""Write the output prompt."""
if self.do_full_cache:
self.msg['content']['execution_count'] = self.prompt_count
def write_format_data(self, format_dict):
self.msg['content']['data'] = format_dict
def finish_displayhook(self):
"""Finish up all displayhook activities."""
self.session.send(self.pub_socket, self.msg)
self.msg = None
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