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"""The basic dict based notebook format."""
import pprint
import uuid
from IPython.utils.ipstruct import Struct
class NotebookNode(Struct):
def from_dict(d):
if isinstance(d, dict):
newd = NotebookNode()
for k,v in d.items():
newd[k] = from_dict(v)
return newd
elif isinstance(d, (tuple, list)):
return [from_dict(i) for i in d]
return d
def new_output(output_type=None, output_text=None, output_png=None,
output_html=None, output_svg=None, output_latex=None, output_json=None,
output_javascript=None, prompt_number=None):
"""Create a new code cell with input and output"""
output = NotebookNode()
if output_type is not None:
output.output_type = unicode(output_type)
if output_text is not None:
output.text = unicode(output_text)
if output_png is not None:
output.png = bytes(output_png)
if output_html is not None:
output.html = unicode(output_html)
if output_svg is not None:
output.svg = unicode(output_svg)
if output_latex is not None:
output.latex = unicode(output_latex)
if output_json is not None:
output.json = unicode(output_json)
if output_javascript is not None:
output.javascript = unicode(output_javascript)
if prompt_number is not None:
output.prompt_number = int(prompt_number)
return output
def new_code_cell(input=None, prompt_number=None, outputs=None, language=u'python'):
"""Create a new code cell with input and output"""
cell = NotebookNode()
cell.cell_type = u'code'
if language is not None:
cell.language = unicode(language)
if input is not None:
cell.input = unicode(input)
if prompt_number is not None:
cell.prompt_number = int(prompt_number)
if outputs is None:
cell.outputs = []
cell.outputs = outputs
return cell
def new_text_cell(text=None):
"""Create a new text cell."""
cell = NotebookNode()
if text is not None:
cell.text = unicode(text)
cell.cell_type = u'text'
return cell
def new_worksheet(name=None, cells=None):
"""Create a worksheet by name with with a list of cells."""
ws = NotebookNode()
if name is not None: = unicode(name)
if cells is None:
ws.cells = []
ws.cells = list(cells)
return ws
def new_notebook(name=None, id=None, worksheets=None):
"""Create a notebook by name, id and a list of worksheets."""
nb = NotebookNode()
nb.nbformat = 2
if name is not None: = unicode(name)
if id is None: = unicode(uuid.uuid4())
else: = unicode(id)
if worksheets is None:
nb.worksheets = []
nb.worksheets = list(worksheets)
return nb
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