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commit 037d01b031789f51a3b61061435a808639bf7825 1 parent a6a0636
@minrk minrk authored
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  1. +8 −0 IPython/parallel/
8 IPython/parallel/
@@ -276,6 +276,14 @@ def purge_results(self, jobs=[], targets=[]):
targets = self.targets
return self.client.purge_results(jobs=jobs, targets=targets)
+ def shutdown(self, targets=None, restart=False, hub=False, block=None):
+ """Terminates one or more engine processes, optionally including the hub.
+ """
+ block = self.block if block is None else block
+ if targets is None or targets == 'all':
+ targets = self.targets
+ return self.client.shutdown(targets=targets, restart=restart, hub=hub, block=block)
def get_result(self, indices_or_msg_ids=None):
"""return one or more results, specified by history index or msg_id.
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