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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ As of the 0.11 version of IPython, a signifiant portion of the core has been
refactored. This refactoring is founded on a number of new abstractions.
The main new classes that implement these abstractions are:
-* :class:`IPython.utils.traitlets.HasTraitlets`.
+* :class:`IPython.utils.traitlets.HasTraits`.
* :class:`IPython.config.configurable.Configurable`.
* :class:`IPython.config.application.Application`.
* :class:`IPython.config.loader.ConfigLoader`.
@@ -275,3 +275,16 @@ Backwards incompatible changes
refactoring in the core. With proper updates, these should still work.
+Known Regressions
+We do our best to improve IPython, but there are some known regressions in 0.11 relative
+to 0.10.2.
+* The machinery that adds functionality to the 'sh' profile for using IPython as your
+ system shell has not been updated to use the new APIs. As a result, only the aesthetic
+ (prompt) changes are still implemented. We intend to fix this by 0.12.
+* The installation of scripts on Windows was broken without setuptools, so we now
+ depend on setuptools on Windows. We hope to fix setuptools-less installation,
+ and then remove the setuptools dependency.

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