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@@ -52,12 +52,6 @@ This will get pyzmq, which is needed for
IPython's parallel computing features as well as the nose package, which will
enable you to run IPython's test suite.
-.. warning::
- IPython's test system is being refactored and currently the
- :command:`iptest` shown below does not work. More details about the
- testing situation can be found :ref:`here <testing>`
To run IPython's test suite, use the :command:`iptest` command:
.. code-block:: bash
@@ -2,14 +2,6 @@
IPython reference
-.. warning::
- As of the 0.11 version of IPython, some of the features and APIs
- described in this section have been deprecated or are broken. Our plan
- is to continue to support these features, but they need to be updated
- to take advantage of recent API changes. Furthermore, this section
- of the documentation need to be updated to reflect all of these changes.
.. _command_line_options:
Command-line usage

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