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Merge pull request #969 from takluyver/pexpect-u

Improvements to pexpect to work correctly with Python 3.

This brings in a more complete port of pexpect that I've been working on recently, called (for now) [pexpect-u]( It's compatible with Python 2.6 and up, including 2to3 conversion to Python 3.

I've contacted the author of pexpect about working these changes back in. But this could take a while - pexpect has previously supported very old versions of Python (the docs claim it's been tested on Python 1.5), so I'll have to see how much compromise is possible.
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fperez committed Nov 27, 2011
2 parents 5397fc8 + 09314ae commit 668e8a0a9b715e76d378da8f62d14586036748f4
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