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Do not require GTK to be either present or usable to start.

Before, we only checked that we could import GTK, but in a linux
console, it's possible to import it while not being able to start it
(no X11 present).

This should resolve
Thanks to Tom Spura for reporting it.
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1 parent 8ed54e4 commit 8161523536289eaed01ca42707f6785f59343cd7 @fperez fperez committed Oct 26, 2010
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@@ -1152,7 +1152,8 @@ def __init__(self,argv=None,user_ns=None,user_global_ns=None,debug=1):
def check_gtk(mode):
import gtk
- except ImportError:
+ except (ImportError, RuntimeError):
+ # GTK not present, or can't be started (no X11, happens in console)
return mode
if hasattr(gtk,'set_interactive'):
@@ -1243,7 +1244,8 @@ def _select_shell(argv):
th_mode = 'tkthread'
# New versions of pygtk don't need the brittle threaded support.
- th_mode = check_gtk(th_mode)
+ if th_mode == 'gthread':
+ th_mode = check_gtk(th_mode)
return th_shell[th_mode]

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