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Removed some QTimer that introduced lag

I removed a QTimer that was periodically waking and quiting the
QApplication object. This was not necessary on my system as the
inputhook is called often enough to process all QEvents - I also
didn't notice a drop in responsiveness in the GUI Elements.
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1 parent 52fc956 commit 8af05fa52f528f782a721191e0c562e4e49e7f10 @SirVer SirVer committed Nov 29, 2011
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@@ -84,13 +84,6 @@ def inputhook_qt4():
if not app: # shouldn't happen, but safer if it happens anyway...
return 0
app.processEvents(QtCore.QEventLoop.AllEvents, 300)
- if not stdin_ready():
- timer = QtCore.QTimer()
- timer.timeout.connect(app.quit)
- while not stdin_ready():
- timer.start(50)
- app.exec_()
- timer.stop()
except KeyboardInterrupt:

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