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Ipython "source" command? #1001

antoine-levitt opened this Issue · 6 comments

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If I have a file named with

print a

in it, and if I do this in ipython:

a = 1
%run ""

it'll complain that it doesn't know a, because the environment is different. Any way Ipython could implement a bash-like "source" command that'll treat the script just as if it was entered in the interpreter? That kind of stuff is especially useful when using ipython as a matlab-like environment for scientific computing (do some computation, and then some plots of it or something)


It's already there: %run -i

There's a long paragraph in the docstring describing the normal behaviour before we explain the -i option, but I'm not sure if it can easily be improved.

@takluyver takluyver closed this

Agreed, I think it's OK to leave it closed, the behavior is completely consistent: run?? is showing the correct sources, it's just that in this case the source is a wrapper around the original. But with run? showing the true docstring, it's working as desigined.

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