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Trying to run ipython 0.11 with pyzmq support. I have pyzmq v 2.1.10 intstalled. I have tried various hacks to get around this, but I don't really know how to fix it. The problem comes up at various places in building and at runtime, and I have been able to employ various hacks to get around it. But the core of this issue is this:

ImportError: IPython.zmq requires pyzmq >= 2.1.4, but you have 2.1.10

The problem is that the way the version checking is done, for example in IPython/zmq/, doesn't consider the possibility of two-digit version numbers. In python, '2.1.10' >= '2.1.4' evaluates to False! Apparently a more sophisticated method for version checking is needed.

I think I could actually manage to fix this myself, but I have never contributed to an open source project and don't really know how it works. So I thought I would submit this bug instead...

minrk commented Nov 15, 2011

Please search for existing issues before posting duplicates (#870, #874). This was fixed in master by PR #758. If you need to use 0.11, the solution is to force install pyzmq 2.1.9 (easy_install pyzmq==2.1.9), or tweak your to just skip the version check (the same goes for, if you plan to use it).


Sorry! I tried to seach first but didn't find those existing issues.

minrk commented Nov 15, 2011

No worries, GitHub's Issue search is not awesome, so it's best to have short queries - like 'pyzmq 2.1.10', or 'IPython.zmq requires'.

@minrk minrk closed this Nov 15, 2011

Please review and apply this patch :)

rsetti@IRL-ML-RICCARDO:~ $cat zmq-init.patch 
--- /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/ipython-0.11-py2.7.egg/IPython/zmq/    2011-11-24 00:04:34.000000000 +0000
+++ 2011-11-24 00:00:55.000000000 +0000
@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@
 import warnings
-from pkg_resources import parse_version as V
 minimum_pyzmq_version = "2.1.4"
@@ -21,11 +20,9 @@
 pyzmq_version = zmq.__version__
-cmp_result = cmp(V(pyzmq_version), V(minimum_pyzmq_version))
-if cmp_result == -1:
+if pyzmq_version < minimum_pyzmq_version:
     raise ImportError("IPython.zmq requires pyzmq >= %s, but you have %s"%(
-        minimum_pyzmq_version, pyzmq_version))
+                    minimum_pyzmq_version, pyzmq_version))
 del pyzmq_version
minrk commented Nov 24, 2011

@giskarda - I think your patch is backwards, but that is one approach for fixing 0.11. Of course, as mentioned above, this has been fixed in master for months.


Wouldn't it have made sense to backport the fix made in the master to 0.11 and have a bugfix release then ?

minrk commented Nov 27, 2011

Sure it would, and the same goes for the dozens of other bugfixes we have made since 0.11.

We are hoping to have a fairly short release cycle for the next few revisions as kinks are worked out after the major reorganization started in 0.11, and we decided to put all of our effort towards keeping that cycle short, rather than maintaining separate bugfix-only tracks alongside the feature work. We had intended 0.12 to be out by now, keeping this incompatibility window under a month. 0.12 should be within a few weeks, and 0.13 should follow not too long after.

Of course, the longer we take to cut 0.12, the greater the cost of not having done a bugfix release will be.


IPython 0.11 was released at the vey end of July 2011, and now 0.12 "should be" few weeks weeks away.
May be duplicate bug reports already indicate that bugfix releases (doesn't have to be to fix that problem alone) should indeed have been made.

Patching, bumping the release number (say, 0.11-1, 0.11-2, etc...), eventually adding tags in the repository, and pushing to Pypi might not be more work than that answering duplicated threads. ;-)

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