Add repr method for arbitrary mime-types #10090

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minrk commented Dec 14, 2016

We have _repr_foo_ methods for a few common mime-types, but this mapping doesn't extend well to custom mime-types. I propose we add a new magic method that returns the full, formatted mime data, such as:

def _repr_mime_(self):
    """Return mimetype-bundled representation(s) of me"""
    return {
        'data': {
            'application/vnd.tableschema.v1+json': {...},
            'text/html': '<div>...',
        'metadata': {},

details: should this override or be in addition to existing methods if found?

cc @rgbkrk

@minrk minrk added this to the 6.0 milestone Dec 14, 2016
@minrk minrk referenced this issue in pandas-dev/pandas Dec 14, 2016

Support exporting to JSON Table Schema #14386

rgbkrk commented Dec 14, 2016

Thanks for raising this up! It should likely override since it's a full manifest.

minrk commented Dec 15, 2016

Oops, sorry for the dupe of #10058. Copying comment from there: The _ipython_display_ escape hatch makes this less urgent (and is perhaps why we still haven't done it), but this should still be done nonetheless.

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