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autopx magic broken #1024

jenshnielsen opened this Issue November 21, 2011 · 4 comments

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Jens H Nielsen Min RK Thomas Kluyver
Jens H Nielsen

I noticed that the parallel_mpi.ipynb example is broken in master.
More specifically autopx cannot be disabled and
returns get_ipython() cannot be found from individual engines.

I have bisected that the code broke with 7f451c7
where make_quoted_expr() was replaced by standard repr()

Thomas Kluyver

I'm puzzled as to the connection. @minrk, is there a way to debug errors occurring on the engines?

Min RK

Yes, it's a one-character fix in a regex in the parallel magic, I'll push in a sec.

Min RK minrk closed this issue from a commit November 21, 2011
Min RK fix autopx regex after recent change
7f451c7 changed make_quoted_str to repr,
which allowed the string to be either single or double-quoted, which
the regex previously did not handle.

closes #1024
Min RK minrk closed this in b3785ba November 21, 2011
Min RK


Jens H Nielsen

Yes fixed. Thanks

Brian E. Granger ellisonbg referenced this issue from a commit January 10, 2012
Commit has since been removed from the repository and is no longer available.
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