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customizable cpaste #103

ipython opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Original Launchpad bug 237504:
Reported by: fdo.perez (Fernando Perez).

Idea requested by Joe Harrington:

How hard would it be (and would you be willing) to add a feature to
cpaste that lets you replace strings on package names? This would let
a user tell cpaste to replace "np" with "N", for example, so that they
could cut-and-paste a doc example into their session and not have it
break if they don't use the "np" abbreviation.


[ LP comment 1 by: Ville M. Vainio, on 2008-09-13 07:53:18.709133+00:00 ]

I special cased:

%edit pasted_block

so that it saves the new value for pasted_block. Therefore, you can execute "edit pasted_block" in succession to polish your pasted code. This would make this feature request unnecessary (since of course you can do all the search & replace in your editor as you see fit).

(implemented in my trunk-dev)

@fperez fperez was assigned

The solution proposed above has already been merged, so this can be closed.

@fperez fperez closed this
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