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Proxy Issues #1041

Carreau opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Just had to test the notebook on a ubuntu machine today, which is on the same side of a proxy than the machine on which the ipython notebook server is.
Websocket connexion failed if the ip of the server is not blacklisted in the firefox preferences to not use the proxy.

It seems not to be a proxy configuration issues as a windows machine with the same version of FF and also autodetect proxy works fine.

So this is just an issue we should put the workaroud somewhere in the doc. Don't know if it's ubuntu specific, and will try to get the proxy configuration to see if it come from there.


I don't have any proxies in use to test, so I'm not really sure what to put. If you have a reasonable idea, just submit a pull request with a fix to the docs, and we'll merge it.


what do you think of somthing like that a1821b32db582f42591584aaa52c7da6816a874c , or I can just put it somewhere in the FAQ of the scipy wiki

  +Known Issues 
  +When behind a proxy, especially if your system or browser is set to
  +autoreconize the proxy, the html notebook might failed to conect to the
  +WebSocket of the Tornado web-server, and present you with a warning at startup.
  +You might then want to exclude the adresse of the web-server to avoid using the
  +For example in Firefox, go to the preference pannel, `Advance` section,
  +`Network` thumbnaiil, `Parameters`, then add the adresse of the notebook server
  +to the `no proxy for :` field.
@fperez fperez was assigned

I'll take care of integrating this, including @takluyver's feedback on your commit. Thanks!


Added this note to the docs: 346da30

I think that's the best we can do about this, so I'll close the issue.

(@Carreau, sorry, I realised too late that I forgot to --author the commit to you, and since I pushed straight to master, I really shouldn't amend it. I know you've got plenty of contributions in recently, either way.)

@takluyver takluyver closed this

Don't worry, it's no big deal, but if people complain, you'll be the one getting the insult according to git blame :-)

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@takluyver takluyver Add note to docs about problems with proxy for HTML notebook.
Closes gh-1041
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