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rep (magic recall) under pypy #1061

hpaulj opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Paul Jacobson Fernando Perez
Paul Jacobson

IPython 0.11 and running under pypy 1.6.0, magic rep does not work. More specifically

ip = get_ipython()
ip.rl_next_input = '1+3'

does nothing (i.e. does not put 1+3 on the next input line)

auto indent also does not work (since it also uses ip.readline.insert_text())
Presumably this is a pypy readline problem

Fernando Perez

Unfortunately I think these are really issues for pypy, not for IPython. There's nothing we can do about it, it seems the pypy readline implementation isn't complete yet.

Closing here; feel free to reopen if you have specific evidence that there's a bug we can fix from our side.

Fernando Perez fperez closed this
Paul Jacobson

I think I have a solution, but it involves changing the pypy readline.raw_input(), not anything in ipython. This raw_input() invokes the startup_hook before its reader.buffer is reset. When the buffer is reset (in reader.readline() ), any readline.insert_text() action is lost.

My solution is to clear the buffer in readline.raw_input, and then hang onto the buffer contents when readline does its reset (self.prepare() ). But I have make a new reader.readline method so I don't interfere with main pypy shell loop (which uses readline.multiline_input).

It was much easier to identify the problem by running the PyMOTW sample code than to wade through multiple levels of redirection and hook definitions in ipython. :)

Fernando Perez

great, at least it's a good solution for now. Eventually it might be a good idea to get these fixes integrated into pypy: its readline should behave like the python one, and that's the api ipython codes against.

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