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Update release management scipts and release.revision for git #116

ellisonbg opened this Issue May 13, 2010 · 4 comments

4 participants

IPython member

Script like tools/ and IPython.core.release.revision are bzr oriented. We need to update these things for git.

IPython member

Is this still an issue? A quick glance didn't turn up anything that looked bzr focussed.

IPython member
minrk commented Jun 27, 2011

There don't appear to be any bzr-focused bits, but there appears to be a simple absence of any git-based replacements.

IPython member
fperez commented Jul 22, 2011

For 0.11, having cleaned up the bzr noise is enough. I'm reassigning to 0.12 since there's no point in blocking 0.11 over this, we can fine-tune our tools for git later.

IPython member
fperez commented Nov 24, 2011

Mmh, we've been working pretty well with git as-is for a while, and I don't really think we have a major need for git-oriented tools right now. I'm closing this one so we cull our todo list a bit; if we find a specific need for a tool we can always just add it in tools/. The real issue was cleaning up all the bzr stuff, which is done. I'm trying to have a more realistic list of stuff we actually do need to work on, so we can focus, and this one seems to be in good shape for considering it closed.

@fperez fperez closed this Nov 24, 2011
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