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in Hub: registration_timeout must be an integer, but heartmonitor.period is CFloat #1281

rameshvs opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Ramesh Sridharan Fernando Perez Min RK
Ramesh Sridharan

In parallel.controller.hub, the registration_timeout is set to max(5000, 2*self.heartmonitor.period) and must be an integer, but self.heartmonitor.period is a float.

So, when the period is more than 2500 (doesn't happen with the default value of 1000; only with user-modified values that are higher), a validation error occurs and the hub doesn't start.

Fernando Perez

@minrk, a simple int(...) around that should do the trick, no?

Min RK

Indeed, that would fix it, though there's no reason the two shouldn't be the same type. Since these are millisecond times, I will make them both Integer (sub millisecond precision makes no sense).

Min RK

PR #1283 issues making HeartMonitor.period an integer.

Min RK minrk closed this in 8e9cbc1
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