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Notebook, Print view should not be editable... #1292

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I just caugh myself editing a print view of the notebook...
so it seem that with this new print version cell can still be edited/deleted moved around/ executed.
So not really a print view

Maybe the read-only code can be reused to prevent editing ...


The proper way of handling this is to generate static html that is loaded for the print view. The print view should not use all of our Javascript classes to build the notebook page.


I agree that a print view has to be read-only but if you want to use it in a "interactive presentation mode", an editable view is the way to do it... you can edit what you want whereas you give the talk but the notebook remains untouched.
Coming back to the print view... maybe we can "capture" the notebook with the Qt Webkit rendering engine and make a png, pdf, svg images. What do you think?


I was caught today during a presentation of the notebook features that the print view does not include the plots that had been created in a notebook in normal view.
Now I understand that I had to re-execute my cells to re-create the plots. As you said that print view currently is a fully functional notebook, how would I go about executing all cells? Because when I have hundreds of cells in a notebook and want a nice printout of my data exploration, I wouldn't want to single-execute all of them just to get the plots back, right?


Print view should show all the graph done in editting view, but the print view is base on the last saved version...
Could you try saving then File/Print to see if the graph stays ?


Thanks, that's it!


Print view is removed, and will come back as a static nbconvert output without any of these issues.

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