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When I run ipython with the -pylab option, several variables seem to be brought into the top-level namespace, e.g. "beta" refers to . Also, typing the "who" command yields the following: ("?who" brings up a docstring from /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/numpy/lib/ I'm guessing there are others as well. These problems only occur with -pylab.

I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit), with ipython 0.10, matplotlib 0.99, etc. all installed from the Ubuntu 10.04 repositories. I'm not sure if this a problem with the Ubuntu packages or if others can reproduce these behaviors.

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This is by design, so that the -pylab flag provides all the numpy/plotting functionality interactively in a manner similar to matlab's shell.

You can disable the importing by setting

pylab_import_all 0

in your config file.

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