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Bug on MSW sytems: idle can not be set as default IPython editor. Fix Suggested. #145

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Using Python 2.7 on a widows Vista os, I found that I could not make idle the default editor in IPython. The problem is that a unix style path separator '/' is hard wired between the path and the file in the ipy_editors module. On my instalation I added the os dependent path seperator string 'os.path.sep' so that lines 66 and 67 in now look like:

66 exe = p + os.path.sep + 'idle.pyw'
67 install_editor(exe + ' -e "$file"')

I also added the -e option flag for the idle editor on line 67. This supreses the idle interactive shell and just provides the editor. Since IPython is the interactive shell, this made more sense.

On a different IPython subject. Will there be a new version of twisted for python 2.7? The most recent twisted is for python 2.6 and I could not make it install in the 2.7 directory structure. I don't need twisted but I do get an annoying warning when starting ipython-wx that tells me it can't find twisted.

Thanks, Mike Tracy


ipy_editors is no longer used in 0.11

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