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Key history lost when debugging program crash #156

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The normal behavior: If I write 'a' in the ipython shell with pdb enabled, I enter ipdb-mode. Here I can identify the variable 'testme' through "testme = [1,2,3]". I now type 'q' to return to the ipython shell. If I now type 't' and the up arrow (or just the up arrow) I get 'testme = [1,2,3]" at the prompt. This is expected.

However, if I enter ipdb through a program error this behaviour is lost. If I define a file '' which contains only the line '1/0' and run it through "run(" in ipython, I end up in ipdb-mode. If I now define 'testme = [1,2,3]' followed by 'q' to return to ipython shell, the testme input is not save to history. I cannot reach it by the up arrow.

It seems reasonable that history should be saved regardless of if have entered debugging through making an error in the ipython shell or if I enter it while debugging a program that failed.


This is intentional - we want the readline history to just contain IPython commands, not debugger commands. In fact, we modify the default behaviour to achieve this. The same happens if you run an interactive program with !cmd.

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