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Strange output artifacts in footer of notebook #2005

fonnesbeck opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Occasionally, I will notice an odd footer appear at the bottom of an iPython notebook with what appears to be a series of x's:

Any idea what this is? It has happened in a couple of very different notebook projects. Running on Python 2.7.1 (OS X 10.7.4).


Related to the comment i posted on #1883 i think. Used to test the font height to get around a bug.


No, just any error does not generate it. The problem is that its so subtle that I don't notice it right away, so I have not been able to pinpoint when it happens. However, running all the cells of a working notebook does not trigger it, so it appears to be related to an exception somehow. I will try keeping a closer eye on it.


@mcelrath, it looks like that Courier New bug is going to haunt us forever... I haven't seen this problem yet, but we should do something about it before the release. Argh...


Nah it's a minor problem, please pull #2012 to fix it.


Great, thanks! Will have a look now...

@fperez fperez closed this in 086258d

@fonnesbeck, please let us know if the merge of #2012 fixes everything. I reviewed it and the code looked clean, but since the problem doesn't seem to be easy to trigger, I prefer to merge now so we have more testing in the wild.


I've just pulled the fix, so I will let you know if I see it again. Thanks for the fast action.

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