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Update cython_extension.ipynb to include `--annotate` examples #2286

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In #2225 we added the --annotate option to %%cython but failed to update the example notebook to show this feature. We should update the notebook to show off this feature, or perhaps add a new notebook which maybe walks through a basic example provided with cython (e.g.,


Thanks for filing it, Brad!


It would be nice if as part of this, we could figure out (and correct) the source of the extra vertical whitespace that I'm seeing (and @ellisonbg confirmed) in the annotated HTML:


I don't know why that's happening, but it seems like we're adding blank lines unnecessarily. Maybe it's just that something is doing '\n'.join(somelist) when it should instead read ''.join(somelist), not sure...


Yes, I see it too. It's coming from the CSS that the notebook uses. The notebook viewer displays the annotated source without extra spacing.

If you want to play around with the CSS without installing Cython, I've posted a simple notebook which you can download and work with.

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