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Multiple Notebook Apps: cookies not port specific, clash with each other #2351

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up a password for the notebook application.
  • Run ipython notebook and log in. Everything works as it should. Open some notebook, let's call it "A".
  • Start up another ipython notebook and log in. Open a different notebook, call it "B".

At this point, everything about notebook "B" works. Notebook "A" appears to work at first glance (e.g., you can run Python commands), but you cannot save the notebook or do anything which interacts with the original notebook app.

This is because we use a sing cookie username which is shared between the different instances of the notebook. Cookies cannot be set on a per-port basis, so that's not a fix.

Maybe we should change the name of the cookie to include the port number (or another random, instance-specific string)?

IPython member

This is already open as #1459, and yes, we should have some uniqueness for the cookie that is distinct on a per-port basis.

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