tab completion in presence of + sign #2376

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andreabedini commented Sep 3, 2012

Tab completion doesn't work if a file as + sign in its name.

!touch foo-bar
ls foo-b[TAB] # works
!touch foo+bar
ls foo+b[TAB] # doesn't work, it completes like b[TAB]

bfroehle commented Sep 3, 2012

If you add quotes, it should work, i.e.: ls "foo+b[TAB]


andreabedini commented Sep 3, 2012

Adding quotes makes no difference to me (I have just tried). I'm using IPython 0.13.


minrk commented Sep 4, 2012

Confirmed on master on Linux and OS X. Any file completion on a string with a character in completer.DELIM that is not in completer.PROTECTABLES will exhibit this behavior. Quotes have no effect, because any quotation-based logic only seems to be applied when protected characters are detected.


mgaitan commented Oct 13, 2013

which would be the desired behavior? "foo+b[TAB] or directly foo+b[TAB] ?


ArcTanSusan commented Dec 13, 2013

@mgaitan The latter seems to make more sense intuitively. It seems like the fix is adding "+" to PROTECTABLES = ' ()[]{}?=\\|;:\'#*"^& to make it PROTECTABLES = ' ()[]{}?=\\|;:\'#*"^&+'. But that doesn't fix the bug. Suggestions?

@minrk minrk modified the milestones: wishlist, 3.0 Nov 14, 2014


andreabedini commented Nov 17, 2014

not that I care too much about this anymore but it's still present in IPython 2.3.1 :)

@minrk minrk removed the prio-low label Jan 14, 2015


andreabedini commented Jul 22, 2016

I was hoping that this would be fixed in IPython 5 but it's still there :)

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