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ipython3 qtconsole fails to install: ipython 0.13 has no such extra feature 'qtconsole' #2413

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I used
sudo easy_install ipython[zmq,qtconsole,notebook,test]
and got error:
KeyError: 'qtconsole'
ipython 0.13 has no such extra feature 'qtconsole'

ipython3 --version

python3.2 --version
Python 3.2.3

here's the video:

Help is much appreciated.


setuptools' extra features (the bits in square brackets) are to install extra dependencies. There isn't a 'qtconsole' feature, because PyQt/PySide can't be installed from PyPI, as far as I know. So that message is expected.

The video appears to show you successfully starting and using the Qt console with Python 3 and IPython 0.13. It's not clear that there's any problem.


Thanks for the quick reply!
The problem is I dont' get any visulalizations of the data.

In the video you'll see No joy running ipython3-qtconsole

and here running ipython3 qtconsole --pylab
again no joy/ no visualization

Compare to demo video:
Perez gets the graphic, I don't.

Your help is much appreciated.

with regards,


ipython3-qtconsole is the name of the package in Ubuntu, not the command.

Note Fernando (in the demo) starts the qtconsole with ipython qtconsole --pylab inline - the 'inline' bit means that the plots will appear inside the Qt console. You appear to have paused the video just before he types inline.

I'm not sure why you don't see any plots - if you use pylab without inline mode, plots should just pop up as new windows. If you try with inline mode, do you see the graphs?

(Sorry I didn't understand earlier - I didn't know your video had sound, and I was watching it quickly)


@pleabargain The window that pops up when you ran ipython3 qtconsole --pylab is the qtconsole.

I agree with @takluyver that it's a bit odd you didn't get a popup window with the plot. Try again with ipython3 qtconsole --pylab=inline, or try running %pylab inline within the IPython session to switch to the inline graphics.

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