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Liaise with Spyder devs to integrate newer IPython #2425

takluyver opened this Issue Sep 23, 2012 · 7 comments

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Pinging @ccordoba12

In a blog post last year, Pierre Raybaud said "The more I think about it (and the more I spend time on it), the more I doubt that there will ever be a decent support of IPython >=v0.11 in Spyder's console." We assume this is also why Python(x,y) ships with a version of IPython based on the old 0.10 series.

We liaise with them and work out any issues to ensure that Spyder can effectively use a newer version. We think the new architecture should make it easier to integrate with IDEs, so it's a point of concern that an IDE prefers to stick with the old version.


As Carlos clearly explained, Spyder is compatible with IPython 0.12+ for a while now and is no longer blocking Python(x,y) in that respect (other parts of Python(x,y) still have to be upgraded to be compatible with recent IPython versions though, but that should be done in the near future).


@takluyver, I think we are ready for a little advice about your API. Here are my questions:

  1. Do we need to subclass IPythonQtConsoleApp as we did here just so we can create kernel managers and new widgets that use them for each one of our frontends?

  2. Do we need to initialize the app before doing this? We defined a new method to do it here but we are not using it because we are unsure if it's necessary or not.

  3. Does BaseIPythonApplication.initialize and IPythonConsoleApp.initialize do something else than reading your config files, i.e., etc?

We'd really appreciate your help and suggestions, because we are about to release 2.2 and want it to be rock solid! :-)

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I don't really feel qualified to answer any of those questions confidently. ;-) Pinging @minrk, who I think knows those parts better.

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minrk commented Feb 10, 2013
  1. That depends on what you need it to do. If it needs to do anything differently not exposed by config, then yes. I expect you will.
  2. It makes very little sense to have an Application without initializing it. initialize is basically everything. Generally to customize behavior, you override initialize in a subclass to do different things.
  3. BaseIPApp loads config, ConsoleApp creates a KernelManager and starts a Kernel. If you don't want these to happen, then don't call them (BaseIPApp is probably important, ConsoleApp may not be).

Initialize is where approximately everything happens when creating an IPython Application. There are three steps to start any IPython app:

  1. app = AppClass.instance() # creates the app
  2. app.initialize([argv]) # reads config, instantiates objects - pretty much everything
  3. app.start() # begins eventloop, usually trivial

If I understand correctly, your app subclass should look something like:

class IPythonApp(IPythonQtConsoleApp):
    def initialize(self, argv=None):
        BaseIPythonApplication.initialize(self, argv=argv)
        # disable creation of first KernelManager/Kernel, qt elements, and signal handlers

app = IPythonApp()
app.initialize(['--pylab', 'inline'])
widget = app.new_ipywidget()

That said, since you use approximately nothing of the configuration,
it may make more sense to skip the Application subclass altogether,
and just create KernelManagers and widgets directly.


Thanks a lot @minrk for your clarifications. At the end we decided not to subclass IPythonQtConsoleApp because, as you said, we weren't loading your config files through it. The problem is that if we ran app.initialize then all frontends would have the same config and it wouldn't be possible for the user to modify it using our Preferences page.

Nevertheless, we are loading your config directly (by reading your files) and merging it with ours, like here.

You can close this issue now, thanks.

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minrk commented Mar 3, 2013

Thanks for the update.

@minrk minrk closed this Mar 3, 2013
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