[Notebook] Line is deindented when typing eg a colon in markdown mode #2475

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In the ipython notebook, when typing eg a colon : on a indented line, the line becomes deindented. Eg. when typing a list with sublists, this can be a little bit annoying. It also happens with /

Is this intended behaviour?

At the moment, I am using IPython 0.13, Firefox, Windows 7

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Can you try on last master ? It seem to behave correctly for me.
Indentation should be handled by CodeMirror (Js library) .
If it still happend, we should open a bug report upstream.



I am now on Ubuntu 12.04 and tested in on master, and for me it behaves the same as I described, both in firefox as in chrome.

So for example in a markdown cell:

- list
    - subitem:

when typing the last ":", the line jumps back to no indentation.

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Oh ! I missed the Markdown word in the title.

So yes, it does that for me too.
Sorry, i'm too tired.

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I believe this is fixed now, thanks to codemirror updates.

@minrk minrk closed this Jul 4, 2013

Indeed, also fixed for me in master.

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