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make.cmd does not run python autogen_api.pyon windows.
See #2601


It seems that's not all. Changing make.cmd is easy:

diff --git "a/c:\\temp\\tmp\\makA9.tmp\\make-4e73029-left.cmd" "b/C:\\src\\git\\ipython\\docs\\make.cmd"
index d4e003d..f2bd611 100644
--- "a/c:\\temp\\tmp\\makA9.tmp\\make-4e73029-left.cmd"
+++ "b/C:\\src\\git\\ipython\\docs\\make.cmd"
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ FOR %%L IN (html pickle htmlhelp latex changes linkcheck) DO (
         MD build\doctrees 2>NUL
         MD build\%1 || GOTO DIR_EXIST
+        IF NOT EXIST source\api\generated\gen.txt python autogen_api.py
         %SPHINXBUILD% -b %1 %ALLSPHINXOPTS% build\%1

But although html files are created in docs\build\html\api\generated\ they aren't referenced in docs\build\html\api\index.html, so output (viewing result in browser) is again empty for IPython API.

I'll check later on Ubuntu and do comparison to deduce something, lacking sphinx knowledge.


From the log warnings I'll excerpt this:

C:\src\git\ipython\docs\source\api\generated\gen.txt:3: WARNING: toctree contains reference to nonexisting document u'api/generated/generated\\IPython'

repeated for all items included in gen.txt

Directory api/generated/generated does not exist. Editing gen.txt and removing generated\ part from all lines does not solve the problem.

Files in this api/generated are all with .txt extension and it seems like it is looking for files without .txt extension.
Adding same files, but without extension does not solve the problem

source/api/generated/gen.txt:3: WARNING: toctree contains reference to nonexisting document u'api/generated\\IPython'

repeated for all items included in gen.txt

checking consistency... C:\src\git\ipython\docs\source\api\generated\IPython.txt:: WARNING: document isn't included in any toctree

repeated for all items included in gen.txt

It may be issue with slash/backslash somewhere if this builds fine on Linux and fails on Windows


I downloaded 0.13.1 src from pypi and made documentation on Ubuntu. Everything is fine.
Then I tried same src on Windows, and as already mentioned IPython API fails, although above patch.

Comparing ipython\docs contents from Ubuntu and Windows shows just two differences:

  • docs\build\html\api\index.html is correct on Ubuntu (171 KB) and is wrong on Windows (8 KB) although ipython\docs\source\api\ contains same files with same contents in both cases
  • graphviz diagrams failed on Windows although dot is in path
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