rerunning a cell with long output (exception) scrolls to much (html notebook) #2746

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rerunning a cell with a (previously) long stacktrace and multiple cells after this cell results in too much scrolling/ not visible current cell.

The problem seems to be that if the the stacktrace is longer than the current visible page, straight after running the cell, the notebook will scroll to the next cell. But after the scrolling is finished, the content (before: long stacktrace) is replaced with the new content (much shorter) and the page content is now much shorter resulting in a position to low: the currently focused cell is not visible.

It would be nice if replacing content would also adjust the currently visible content so that the visible part of the html notebook does not change.

(chrome browser)

@ellisonbg ellisonbg was assigned Jul 4, 2013
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This will be fixed by #3605 in 2.0

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