File path tab-complete fails in notebook after a directory with spaces #2758

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dcajacob commented Jan 7, 2013

When attempting to tab-complete a file path that includes spaces in the notebook, the completer refuses to offer suggestions after the section of the path that includes spaces.


# In notebook

!mkdir ~/path/path\ with\ spaces
!touch  ~/path/path\ with\ spaces/file

open("~/path") # Try tab-completing the rest of the path to file, fail

ArcTanSusan commented Dec 6, 2013

It's not just tab-completing that is a problem, but also the function of exiting the directory that contains spaces (with !cd ..) is broken.


Carreau commented Dec 6, 2013

what do you mean by !cd .. is broken ? works as expected for me:

In [13]: pwd
Out[13]: u'/Users/matthiasbussonnier/matplotlib/with space'

In [14]: !cd ..; pwd

In [15]: pwd
Out[15]: u'/Users/matthiasbussonnier/matplotlib/with space'

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minrk commented Nov 13, 2014

Closing as duplicate of #2463

@minrk minrk closed this Nov 13, 2014

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