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Wiki Migration to GitHub #2771

bfroehle opened this Issue · 5 comments

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As discussed on the mailing list I've moved the IPython wiki contents over to Github. The pages need to be manually cleaned up and inspected. The following is a checklist of pages. Please check them off once you've looked them over.


Generic issues so far:
1. Some links are broken. Go to and find the correct page. Usually this involves changing an underscore to a space.
2. syntaxhighlight tag. I've been changing these to code blocks which lack syntax highlighting. Just indent the whole block (including empty lines) with one space, or use <pre> tags instead.


I've more or less completed a first pass. Remaining todo items:

  1. Some pages link to files which need to be hosted somewhere. How do we handle this?
  2. We need to merge Home and Main Page into one page called "Home".

I've merged the home page. I think we should be able to add images to the wiki repository using git, and then reference them in pages - see


Okay, I've added the files to a subdirectory named "File" and updated the links [[File:<name>]] -> [[File/<name>]]. Pretty easy!

At this point I think the first pass of the conversion proces is complete. We might want to discuss taking an editorial pass next...


We should also work out how we want to redirect people from the old site to the new. Ideally, it would be good to redirect every page to its new equivalent.

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