rethink the contributions of kernel and frontend to the banners #2825

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timo commented Jan 21, 2013

When starting ipython console --existing, it will build a big banner with python and ipython version, but with non-python kernels that's no longer accurate. It should, in fact, use data supplied by the kernel itself. There's already some kind of version information message in current master AFAICT, that could perhaps be enhanced?

dsblank commented Feb 23, 2014

Rather than coming from the running kernel, perhaps it should come from the profile. Pros:

  • if the kernel has any problem, you still get info
  • you get the info fast (some kernels may take a bit longer than Python to get started)
  • you can get the info when the kernel isn't running


  • it could be wrong, out of sync with kernel
minrk commented Feb 23, 2014

I think getting some info from each makes sense.

@takluyver takluyver closed this in #4536 May 9, 2014
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